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Module 2 - Tenses

Do you still remember the use of the tenses? Check your knowledge here and use the correct tenses later in your project.

Matching quiz
Match the following items by dragging the green fields!
simple present Use it for things in general or things that happen repeatedly.
present progressive Use it for something that is happening at the moment.
simple past We use it with finished actions, states or habits.
past progressive Someone was in the middle of doing something at a certain time.
going-to future Talk about your plans for your future or about something which is going to happen.

Multiple-choice test

Which words are signal words for the respective tense?

Signal words for present progressive (Listen!) (now) (at the moment) (Look!) (!always)

Signal words for simple past (!today) (yesterday) (last year) (!tomorrow) (on Monday) (at the weekend)

Signal words for simple present (sometimes) (usually) (often) (today) (!the day before yesterday)

Signal words for past progressive (when) (while) (!so) (and)