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The Romans and the Celts

Work on the following tasks:

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1. Read the text about the Celts and the Romans in Britain in your textbook. (p. 96)

2. Create a table and write down important information about each person. (table 1)

3. Here are ten new words you need if you want to talk about this topic. Find the words in a dictionary first.

4. Watch the following video and complete the table. -> Video

5. Write 3 differences and 3 similarities between the Romans and Celts that are interesting for you in your notebook.

The Celts and the Romans in Britain
Julius Caesar Claudius Boudicca
he was a powerful...
Differences and similarities
word in the video translation When do they use it in the video
English German minute:second in the video
to embrace
chariot races
the broth
the snail
the sacrifice
the straw
timber walls
the pride

Hadrians Wall.png